Thank you for considering organising a session at the EMS Annual Meeting 2023. Here we provide information to support you at each step of the organisation, from proposing a session to finally chairing the session at the conference.

Convener teams are permanently assisted by the staff of Copernicus Meetings. We will inform you about any deadlines and tasks with regard to the organisation of your session. You will be asked to use different tools of our Copernicus Office Meeting Organizer online system. Therefore, you will need a user account (user ID and password). All links and related instructions will be given by email.


When proposing a new session for the EMS Annual Meeting, the following steps and tasks between December 2022 and September 2023 will be required to organise a successful session:

  • Defining a session title, scope, and convener team: we encourage you to build diverse convener teams, considering different genders, career stages, and countries or institutes.
  • Advertising your session to your scientific community and invite presentations.
  • Organising your session through a) evaluation, acceptance, and transfer of submitted abstracts and providing scheduling preferences and b) assigning the presentation type for each abstract.
  • Identifying chairpersons who run the onsite oral and poster sessions at the conference; please note that the EMS requests the conveners who chair the session to be physically present at the venue in Bratislava; conveners need to register for the Annual Meeting, no registration waivers are provided.
  • Curating a dynamic live session by getting acquainted with presentation material uploaded to the programme page prior to the session.

The Copernicus Office Meeting Organizer provides the tools listed below to assist you in your tasks.

Please note, that we expect that those volunteering as conveners are normally planning to attend the EMS Annual Meeting; at least two of the conveners need to attend the event onsite in Bratislava.

Timeline for convener tasks

Session submission (mid-Dec 2022 to 15 Jan 2023)

Session proposals can be submitted during the public call for sessions. Before submitting a session proposal, please check the preliminary programme and already suggested sessions. Rather than proposing similar sessions, you may contact conveners or directly propose modifications to already suggested or existing sessions if you would like to be involved.

When submitting a session, the following steps are required:

  • Defining the session with a title and a short scope description (200–2500 characters); you may consider mentioning related projects in your session scope.
  • Identifying the conveners and co-conveners by first name, last name, and email address. We ask you to consider different genders, career stages, and countries or institutes for your convener team.
  • Submitting your session proposal to one programme stream only.
  • Indicating other programme streams for potential co-organisation.
  • The programme stream moderators will build the session programme from the session proposals; they can suggest merging proposed sessions that are similar. You will be informed about the acceptance of your session by email.

Session modification

The session modification enables you to define or to modify the title as well as the description of your session. This tool also provides the options to upload or link session material as well as a session summary. To provide a convener pitch on the planned content of your session, provide your material as a session summary. The limit for uploading is 50 MB. If you provide a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo, a thumbnail will automatically be displayed in the session programme.

This tool is available until the final session programme is uploaded to the website in summer. Furthermore, this tool provides you with up-to-date information and statistics about the contributions to your session during the whole period of session and programme organisation. This web interface is also the starting point for all the following tools. You are kindly asked to log in by using the convener login link provided in the main menu at the top of the website.

SOI – Abstract implementation (end of April/early May)

SOII – Session tagging (end of April/early May)

SOIII – Presentation selection

Chairing your session