Bratislava is centrally located in Europe and fast train connections from across Europe exist to Vienna, which is only some 50 km away from Bratislava. We encourage all participants of the conference to investigate and consider possibilities to travel to Bratislava by train, minimising the carbon footprint caused by their travel.

Emissions offset

Typical values for emission equivalents produced by air travel are between 250g/km for short domestic flights, and 150g/km for long-haul flights. A one-way flight for example from Amsterdam to Vienna thus results in roughly 100kg CO2 emissions, non-CO2 emission impacts not considered. Taking a long-distance train will reduce emissions to roughly 10% or less.

Detailed calculation for your trip can be investigated at: or

To help the research, below find links that provide some information on options for travelling across Europe by train.

Should you decide to travel by air, you may wish to consider offsetting travel-related emissions through donations to solar, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects. Alternatively, you may compensate the CO2 emissions separately through services or other similar organisations.

From Vienna airport to Bratislava

Should you decide to travel by air, likely Vienna International Airport at Schwechat will be your destination. Schwechat airport is located approximately 40 km to the west of Bratislava and is served by a number of bus companies, with travel times between 40 min and 1 hour. Travel by train is also possible, but involves one change.

  • Buses from Schwechat to Bratislava city centre: Buses start directly in front of the airport terminal.
  • Trains to Bratislava (no direct trains available): Tickets and schedules are available at the ÖBB website.

A taxi from Vienna Airport to Bratislava will cost about €60-80. To order a taxi, the Bolt app is recommended as it is very popular in Bratislava (payment by credit card through the app or by cash).