STATUS: 15 February 2023

In short

In light of our experience with EMS2022 and the feedback from participants and convenors, we will continue to run the EMS2023 as a hybrid event, to provide opportunities onsite in Bratislava as well as online. Please note that the meeting format for the EMS2023 is still developed and further updates are provided here.

Presentation type and form at abstract submission

When submitting an abstract authors are asked

  1. to provide their preference for the type of presentation: "oral presentation (onsite or online)" or "poster presentation (onsite only)" and
  2. to indicate the presentation form "online" or "onsite".

Oral presentations

  • Oral sessions will be run in a fully hybrid format using zoom for all oral presentations, both onsite and online.
  • Oral presentations will follow the standard format (12 min + 3 min Q&A), while strictly selected solicited talks (one per session) are longer (25 min + 5 min).
  • All oral presentations (onsite and online) need to be uploaded to the conference platform as live presentation at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the session. Note that no upload onto the laptop in the lecture room will be allowed. Upload starts 8 August 2023.

Poster presentations

  • Poster sessions will be run onsite only.
  • Onsite poster presentations: Poster presentations are assigned to boards in the poster area onsite. Poster display times and poster-in-attendance times (poster sessions) will be scheduled for each session by the PSC after the abstract submission has closed and abstract acceptance finalised. We aim to schedule display times covering two days. Authors are asked to be available for questions and discussions at their poster during the specifically scheduled poster sessions, normally some 60 to 90 minutes. Onsite poster presenters are also encouraged to upload their poster as display material.
  • Poster pitches: Independent of possible poster pitch times scheduled in some of the oral session, all poster authors are invited to upload pre-recorded pitches to the conference page or provide an external link to the video before the conference.
  • Online poster presentations: Authors who intend to participate online and whose abstracts have been assigned as poster presentation type, are asked to upload the electronic poster file to the conference platform as early as possible. The platform provides the possibility to communicate asynchronously with conference participants.

Online platform and access

  • Display material and live presentation files: Display material can be pre-uploaded and the conference platform offers the opportunity to get in contact with the authors via the commenting tool, during a two-month period from early August to early October 2023. Live presentation files of oral and poster presentations, for both online and onsite presentations will be available on the day of the scheduled presentation for the entire day. More details on uploads will become available in early summer.
  • The platform zoom will be used for all oral presentations, both onsite and online.
  • Online access to uploaded material and zoom will be allowed only to attendees with a valid registration for the EMS2023.

Programme schedule

The parallel session programme from Monday (!) to Thursday will run from 9:00 (CEST) to 17:15 (CEST) every day, followed first by plenary sessions, such as the strategic talks on Monday and keynote presentations related to one of the Programme Streams on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Poster sessions will then be scheduled after the plenary sessions on two or three days, with refreshments provided. The programme on Friday will finish by lunchtime.

A session overview will become available here in summer.

Outstanding poster award

An outstanding poster award contest (OPA) will be held again. Poster authors will have to register for participation in the competition. Information will be sent to poster authors with the letter of schedule in June.

In addition to the selection by the OPA selection committee, a public voting on the posters by all conference participants is planned.

For the EMS2022 winning poster see: