New – Public voting! – this year we invite all conference participants to contribute to the selection of the winning poster.

The goal of this award is to select posters which stand out for their clear communication. We will award outstanding examples that communicate scientific content also to non-specialists of the presented topic in a way that inspires and explains the subject and results well.


  • As in the past, a selection committee will judge all posters that have entered into the competition and select a favourite based on communication and scientific criteria (see below). The committee uses a point system for each criterium.
  • In parallel, all conference participants can cast votes for all competition posters, assigning points between 0 and 10 for each of two criteria: communication aspects and scientific aspects.
  • The results from the committee selection and the summary of the public votes will then be combined, with weighting the committee results with 2/3 and the public vote with 1/3.

The Award

The author of the selected presentation will receive one registration fee waiver for the EMS Annual Meeting 2024, and the poster is highlighted on the EMS website.

The awardee is also invited to become a member of the OPA selection committee for the EMS2024.

Terms for the Outstanding Poster Award (OPA) at EMS2023

1) Participation:

To participate in the OPA competition, authors need to sign up for participation online. The corresponding link will be sent to contact authors in the letter of schedule. Authors will also need to upload the digital presentation in advance of the conference; authors are asked to download a QR code for their abstract and add it to the poster to allow attendees to easily access the judging tool.

  • Extended deadline to sign up for participation is Friday 25 August 2023.
  • Deadline to upload the poster presentation is Thursday 31 August 2023.

2) Eligibility:

  • All poster presenters are eligible for the award.
  • Authors have to be first author AND presenting author AND contact author of the related abstract.
  • Authors can participate with only 1 poster presentation.
  • Authors have to upload the poster to the EMS2023 conference page.

3) Upload

Authors applying for the outstanding poster award have to upload the digital poster as supporting material to the EMS2023 conference page until 31 August 2023. Applications without an upload will be removed from the contest & judging list after 31 August.

4) Public voting ("judging") by conference participants

  • All registered EMS2023 participants can cast their votes on the posters in the judging tool of the online system.
  • Public voting is open from Friday 1 September and closes on Thursday, 7 September at 17:30 CEST.
  • Authors participating in the contest are asked to include a QR code on their poster so public voters can scan the code with their mobile device to directly submit their votes into the online judging tool. In addition, the judging tool will be linked on the abstract pages of all abstracts participating in the contest. We will provide an overview of all contest participants for easy access.

5) Voting and judging criteria OPA2023

Only posters which appear attractive and rank high in the communication criteria will be taken into further consideration for the evaluation from a scientific point of view by the selection committee.

For the public voters, we ask for voting on the two aspects, communication and science; points between 0 (="leaves a lot of room for improvement") and 10 (="exceptional") can be assigned for each of the two aspects. Below are some explanations on which criteria to consider when judging these.


  • Intuitive structure, grasping presentation
  • Attractive graphical and audio elements with innovative use of technologies
  • Clear and concise text

Scientific aspects:

  • Scientific quality
  • Potential impacts of the results
  • Innovativeness of the approach

The composition of the EMS2023 poster award selection committee

  • Marie Doutriaux-Boucher (chair, EUMESAT)
  • Alice Portal (Universität Bern, Switzerland)
  • Jelmer Jeuring (The Norwegian Meteorological Institute; winner of the OPA 2022)
  • Pavel Šťastný (SHMU, Slovakia)
  • Dan Suri (MetOffice, United Kingdom)