Poster preparation

Photo and video taking by the audience: Photo, screen capture or video taking by the audience of scientific material shown in any oral or poster presentation is not allowed unless the presenter authorizes this. Please inform the audience whether you welcome photos or screen capture and their sharing on social media by including an official graphic "screen capture welcome" (download PNG, JPG, PDF) or "screen capture NOT allowed" (download PNG, JPG, PDF) on your poster.

Poster display and print service

Poster sessions will be run onsite only. All poster boards are located in the 'Day room' (Floorplan).

Poster display times are scheduled for each session; two display times are scheduled during the conference week (all times are CEST):

  • Monday – Tuesday: starts Monday 08:00 and ends Wednesday 09:00
  • Wednesday – Friday: starts Wednesday 10:00 and ends Friday 13:00

In addition to the printed posters, we offer to show the digital version for the entire duration of the conference, accessible on an E–poster station in the poster area. For details see: Upload of poster and supporting material

Poster boards: Poster boards will be available for all poster presentations. Poster (board) numbers are given in the respective session programme (and the Letters of Schedule sent to each author on 30 June 2023). The poster number, abstract number, related session acronym, and the name of the presenting author are indicated on each poster board.

Size of poster boards: Please note that this year the format of poster boards will be portrait, 100 cm width x 200 cm height. We recommend to use posters in the format A0-portrait.

Authors are kindly asked to

  • put up their posters as soon as possible within their given display time in order to enable the conference participants and the selection committee for the outstanding poster award to view their posters at any time within the display time. Fixing material (pins) is available at the name badge pick-up and information desk; and to
  • take the posters down between 09:00–10:00 on Wednesday (Display time: Monday to Tuesday), and on Friday between 13:00–14:00 (Display time: Wednesday to Friday). Posters that have not been removed within this dismantling time will be removed and disposed of.

A poster print service is offered for poster presenters. You can send your poster by email to a local copy shop before 21 August and your poster will be delivered to the conference venue. Please find detailed information here.

Upload of poster and supporting material

Two separate types of material can be uploaded to the programme page: a presentation file and supporting material.

  • Presentation file: i.e. a poster that will be accessible online to all registered conference participants during the scheduled display time. Files can be in *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, *.jpg, or *.mp4 format. The size of presentation files is limited to 50 MB per abstract for *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, and *.jpg files, and to 200 MB for *.mp4 video files.
    Digital poster display: In order to extend the viewing time of your poster beyond the onsite display time, we offer to show it in digital form during the entire duration of the conference on an E–poster station in the poster area; every poster contribution for which the presentation file was uploaded until 31 August 2023 will be provided in this way.
  • Supporting material: This material will be accessible to all registered attendees until 8 October 2023; authors can opt to make it publicly available after that. The material can be in *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, *.jpg, or *.mp4 format; alternatively, a *.html link can be given to files hosted on the author's own infrastructure. If *.mp4 files are uploaded, these will be submitted to the EMS2023 Vimeo channel.

For both types, upload will be possible from 8 August; for the supporting material the upload will remain possible after the session, up until 8 October 2023, and updates are always possible. Along with the abstract and the supporting material a commenting option is available to exchange with the author(s) during the two-month period until 8 October. Please remember that a paid conference registration (either for on-site participation or online participation) is mandatory in order to access the upload tool.

Poster-author-in-attendance times (poster sessions)

Two "author-in-attendance times" known as poster sessions are scheduled together with the coffee break in the afternoon:

  • First poster session: Tuesday 5 September, 16:00 to 17:15: authors of posters with display time Monday – Tuesday
  • Second poster session: Thursday 7 September, 16:00 to 17:15: authors of posters with display time Wednesday – Friday

Authors are also encouraged to be present at their poster during coffee break times in general. In order to extend the viewing time of your poster beyond the onsite display time, we offer to show it in digital form during the entire duration of the conference on an E–poster station in the poster area; every poster contribution for which the presentation file was uploaded until 31 August 2023 will be provided in this way.

For details on author-in-attendance time and the display time for each session please see the table below.

Poster pitches and pitch preparation

We recommend that authors of poster presentations are prepared to provide a summary of their contribution during the respective oral session. For some sessions, time for such poster pitches is allowed within the oral programme; please check the oral programme of your session on the website for details and prepare for this purpose. You may also be asked ad hoc by the session chair for a summary presentation in case a gap should occur in the oral programme. You may also be contacted by the convener before the conference with the request to provide two key sentences and/or one slide about your poster.

Independent of any poster pitch times that might be scheduled during oral sessions, all poster authors are invited to upload pre-recorded pitches as supporting material, either as a video or included in slides, before the start of the conference.

Advice on how to prepare and structure a poster pitch ("elevator pitch") can be found for example in this video on YouTube: How to Present Poster – Presentation/Pitch

Outstanding Poster Award (OPA)

NEW – Public voting! – this year we invite all conference participants to contribute to the selection of the winning poster.

All poster presenters are invited to apply for this award. Only poster presentations that have been uploaded as supporting material by 31 August 2023 will be considered for the award and can be voted on by the public.

To participate in the poster award competition authors are asked

  1. to register their participation by 25 August 2023 via the participation form and
  2. to upload their poster until 31 August 2023 as supporting material to the conference page. The upload link will become available from 8 August 2023.
  3. Presenters taking part in the OPA contest are asked to download a QR code for their abstract and add it to the poster to allow attendees to easily access the judging tool for the public voting.

For more details on the poster award and selection process please consult the OPA page.

Display time and author-in-attendance time for each session

Display Time Author in Attendance
Monday, 08:00 – Wednesday 09:00
Dismantling: Wednesday, 09:00–10:00
ES1.5 -- ES3.1
OSA1.1 -- OSA1.5 – OSA2.1 -- OSA3.1 -- OSA3.2
UP1.1 -- UP1.2 -- UP2.1 -- UP2.3 -- UP3.4 -- UP3.5
Wednesday, 10:00 – Friday 13:00
Dismantling: Friday, 13:00–14:00
ES1.1 -- ES1.3 -- ES1.4 -- ES2.2
OSA1.3 -- OSA1.6 – OSA1.7 -- OSA1.9 -- OSA2.2 -- OSA2.3 -- OSA2.4 -- OSA2.5 -- OSA3.3
UP1.3 -- UP1.4 -- UP2.2 -- UP2.3 -- UP2.2 -- UP3.1 -- UP3.3

Note that the following sessions have no poster presentations scheduled; all presentations are given as talk during the oral session: ES2.1, ES1.2, UP3.6

Poster withdrawals and no-shows

As the organization and scheduling of poster presentations is a challenge, and empty poster boards are frustrating to look at during the conference week, it would be greatly appreciated if authors who already know that their poster cannot be presented – for whichever reason – would withdraw their abstract from the session programme as soon as their decision has been made. In case you would like to change your presentation to online poster instead, please contact us directly at Please note, that we monitor the no-shows during the conference, and the related abstracts will then be withdrawn from the session programme. Thank you.